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John Foulcher Harry Wood Essay

Essay on Martin and the Hand Greneade and Harry Wood

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In his poems “Martin and the Hand Grenade” and “Harry Wood”, Foulcher explores the ideas of the difference between adults and children in their interpretation of warfare. Foulcher also explains the ideas that man has a violet streak which can lead to destruction. In the second poem, the composer conveys the selfishness of living only to acquire wealth and how material possessions do not ultimately bring happiness and fulfillment. Foulcher uses his senses and a variety of techniques to convey his ideas and experiences.

The poems “Martin and the Hand Grenade “is based on a personal experience that Foulcher had had while teaching at a boys school in one of his history lessons. This poem portrays the idea that adults and children have a…show more content…

Throughout the poem Foulcher retells the emotion and attitude around the room. Once Martin begins to pass the weapon to the students around the room it travels bringing interest as the boys examine it closely, eyes and imaginations widening to the power it is said to have had.
While this was happening Martin becomes aware that his class has had an opposite reaction to what he wanted them to have, in and instance the room was converted into a battlefield in the boys imaginations. As the boys pretend to be soldiers in a war zone they “lift it into the air above the desk trenches”. This metaphor conveys the fascination to the weapon and their imaginations are sweeping the innocent children away into a battlefield where there desks are there barriers. The children are gloriously fighting the enemy, behind their desks. The metaphor shows the huge impact the grenade has had on the boys psyche as they are “transported away” from the classroom to the battlefield. Foulcher has come to the decision that even children have a violent streak in them.

The second poem I and going to discus is Foulcher poem “Harry Wood”. In this poem Foulcher explores the aspects of the struggle to survive and its effect on the individual.
During Harry Woods early life, he was born into a poor simple family and was forced to work hard so that he could work his

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...JohnFoulcher writes interesting poetry because he can make the reader see, feel, and think. Summer Rain , demonstrate to the reader that Foulcher’s poetry is not only thought provoking and realistic, but it is also able to capture aspects of society through his unique use of imagery. Summer Rain is a longer poem than most others written by JohnFoulcher, which has messages throughout it. Summer Rain is set on a highway during a traffic jam, an experience many people have experienced. The start of the poem sets the scene economically, informing the reader that it is 4 o’clock and that the cars “clutter on the highway”. This gives the reader a visual image of peak hour traffic on a highway, so they can now almost see what is going on in the poem. Foulcher compares the cars to a familiar object, writing, “clutter on the highway like abacus beads”. This simile gives the reader another important visual image. That is the image of traffic grouping as it slows, and slowly ungrouping as it begins to slowly crawl along again, put simply, bumper-to-bumper traffic. “Cars clutter” is also an example of alliteration. The next line reads, “no one dares overtake”. It is using the strong word dares, instead of just saying no one overtakes, to highlight the danger in trying to overtake while the traffic is grouped and crowded. Foulcher then writes, “Sunlight scrawls through the dust and the...