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Non-Ideal Stoichiometry Pre-Lab Assignment

Unit 5 Late-Work Deadline: 11/17, 2:45 pm
Note: the Unit 5 LATE WORK DEADLINE will not change, regardless of the State Football playoffs.  Plan ahead!
Unit 6A Test: 11/20 & 21
​Unit 6B Test: 12/11 & 12/12

UNIT VI: Reactions & Stoichiometry
Balancing chemical equations, mole-ratios, 2-step and 3-step stoich, reaction yield;

​NOTE: Canvas assignments that are submitted after their due date (but before the unit-late-deadline) will cost you a slacker-pass-punch even though they are submitted electronically!
Day 27: November 8th (A-Day) & November 9th (B-Day)
Day 28: November 10th (A-Day) & November 13th (B-Day)
Day 29: November 14th (A-Day) & November 15th (B-Day)
Day 30: November 16th (A-Day) & November 17th (B-Day)
Day 31: November 20th (A-Day) & November 21st (B-Day)
Check out some Thanksgiving Chemistry via YouTube.
(Bytesize Science from the American Chemical Society)
Day 32: November 27th (A-Day) & November 28th (B-Day)
Day 33: November 29th (A-Day) & November 30th (B-Day)
Day 34: December 1st (A-Day) & December 4th (B-Day)
Day 35: December 5th (A-Day ) & December 6th (B-Day)
Day 36: December 7th (A-Day) & December 8th (B-Day)
Day 37: December 11th (A-Day) & December 12th (B-Day)
*If you missed this, you need to come to the classroom to make it up.  It was open note.  It is in the Quiz binder at the front of the class.
Unit 6A Late-Work Deadline: 12/1, 2:45 pm
Unit 6B Late-Work Deadline: 12/19, 2:45 pm

Thanksgiving Chemistry
  • Turkey timers
  • Enzymes & digestion
  • Quick-bread leavening
  • Tryptophan: sleeper chemical or myth?
  • Post dinner bloating: is there a cure?
Nova: Can I Eat That?
America's Test Kitchen and:
  • Why we cook food
  • How cooking changes flavor
  • How enzymes change flavors in onions & garlic when they are cut
(After the first 15 minutes, this video continues with how cooking food has led humans to be different from other animals.)

Thanks for the kind comment.

Look for more items, including a specifically Christmas-themed (though algorithmic) aid to learning how to do stoichiometry. Not sure how it will translate into Norwegian, but perhaps your own creativity will find a way to make it work. I am slowly getting my entire stoichiometry unit of worksheets, labs (which are done), collaborative activities, and the Christmas-themed aid uploaded. I am working with the ChemEdX staff to get through some issues with uploading, formatting, and so on, so the work is going slowly. Eventually everything will be linked to a single article that describes the lesson plans I used for nearly 30 years. I hope you will enjoy them.

I hope that you and your students will have fun with this activity. I always promote it several days in advance by telling students that those who do the best will end up with only a small amount of salt, but those who do poorly will be obvious due to the "big ash-sh-sh-sh-sh-huh" that they have -- this takes advantage of the close correspondence in sound between the English word "ash" and the English word for a person's back side. Of course it generates smiles and a few snickers -- and a few more when students see a group that does leave a lot of burnt sugar ash. Again, not sure how that will translate, but we have fun with it.