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Essay Eye Donation

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... The Psychology of Organ Donation Imagine going to the doctor’s office one day and finding out that a vital organ is failing and then finding out that the only chance of survival would be someone else’s sacrifice. Such a process could bring up so many fears of the unknown to a person’s life. This happens on a daily basis all around the world. Even though many people struggle with this tragedy, organ donation should be to help people focus, not on death, but on life. Right now in America there are around 120,000 men, women, and children waiting for an organ transplant. Almost 66,000 of the people on that list are multicultural and almost 2,000 of the people on the list are pediatric patients. In the year 2012, a little over 14,000 people were organ donors and within these 14,000 people, about 28,000 organ transplants were completed. More than 46,000 corneas were donated and over 1 million tissue transplants were done just in the year 2012; and this number seems to be growing more and more each year (“Organ Donation”). Somewhere around 4,000 people are added to the national organ transplant waiting list each and every month, almost 80 people receive an organ every day and unfortunately around 18 people die every day just waiting to find a match for their blood type. If a suitable match cannot be found exactly when the patient needs it, nothing else can be done (“Publications”). The history of organ transplantation in the United...