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Health Is Wealth Essay Spm About Friends

Yes, I so agree that health is much more important
Than wealth!
Reasons include the following:

1- GREED: once an individual gains too much money
He/she may become selfish to himself/herself
Or towards others! They will want only what's good for
Themselves, become jealous, envious, insecure,
Dishonest, uncaring, unhealthy, revengeful
Forgetfulness of family & friends,
Faith in religion etc and it
It gets much worse! In fact they can pile money over
And over yet are too greedy to even spend on a good
Hearty meal that is needed for a healthy mind and
Body which is needed for survival! What's the point
Of gaining wealth if you are not to spend it, I mean
Money is made for spending & not hiding!

2-SICKNESS: there's no use of gaining to much
Wealth, and remain sick! Sure money can cure
Some diseases or sickness, but not all!
For example: the five senses: sight, touch, smell,
Sound,taste! If any or all of these were lost surely
Life is darkness! Imagine being blind and only
Seeing pitch blackness, seeing but not hearing,
Blind and no taste buds, not seeing or hearing,
Losing touch, and no taste buds and vice versa
And the list goes on! Some may lose all these senses
One or can lose 2 to 4 of them!
Mankind is gifted by god with these senses that make
Them rich, which no money can buy, so man should
Be grateful towards these gifts and cherish and
Care for them like as if they are gold!

To come to conclusion every aspect of life should
Be balanced, and family,health,love,care, And food
Is what counts to live a successful and healthy lifestyle
Is what counts

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