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Dissertation Robert Rees Harry Jr.

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Abrams, Matthew, “Alternate Modernity: From Aby Warburg to Agnes Martin” (Yale, D. Joselit)

Ackerman, Emily, “Selling Dreams: Nickolas Muray and American Commercial Photography in the United States, 1920–1965” (CUNY, A. Pelizzari)

Adams, Harrison, “Photography in the First Person: Peter Hujar, Robert Mapplethorpe, Nan Goldin, and Sally Mann” (Yale, C. Armstrong)

Adams, Samuel, “Politics and Aesthetics of the Theater Stage in Cold War Germany, 1951–1979” (USC, M. Luke)

Ahern, Mallory, “Flickers, Loops, Dots, Stacks, and Tracings: Cinematic Devices and the Technical Image, 1960–1975” (Yale, F. Casetti; C. Buckley)

Alteveer, Ian, “The Rise of the Poststudio: A History of California Institute of the Art, 1961–1980” (IFA/NYU, R. Storr)

Alvarez, Andrea, “The Art and Pedagogy of Josef Albers” (Virginia Commonwealth, R. Hobbs)

Andrus, Timothy, “Stuart Davis’s Art Theory, 1920–1928” (Virginia Commonwealth, R. Hobbs)

Angel, Sara, “Redefining the Rules of Nazi-Era Art Restitution: The Max Stern Recoveries” (Toronto, E. Legge)

Ari, Nisa, “Cultural Mandates: Art and Political Parity in Early Twentieth-Century Palestine” (MIT, N. Rabbat and C. Jones)

Ayad, Lara, “Egypt’s Morphing Modernisms: Representing Women, Cultural Identity, and Class in Modern Egyptian Art, 1933–1973” (Boston, C. Becker)

Bacal, Edward, “Bodies Withdrawn: The Ethics of Abstraction in Contemporary Post-Minimalist Art” (Toronto, J. Ricco)

Bacon, Alex, “Opaque Surfaces and Lived Illusions: Minimalism and the Status of Painting in the 1960s” (Princeton, H. Foster)

Bair, Nadya, “The Decisive Network: Magnum Photos and the Art of Collaboration in Postwar Photojournalism” (USC, R. Meyer)

Barber, Julia, “Reframing Art Photography: Strategies of Display and Design in British Pictorialism” (Brown, D. Nickel)

Barber, Karen, “Writing with Light: Cameraless Photography and its Narrative in the 1920s” (CUNY, R. Long)

Barragán, Maite, “Mediating Modernity: Visual Culture and Class in Madrid, 1926–1936” (Temple, A. Nelson; G. Silk)

Batario, Jessamine, “The Art and Intellectual History of Byzantine Modernism” (Texas, Austin, R. Shiff)

Bauman, Emily, “Performance and Video Work of Bruce Nauman, Paul McCarthy, and Mike Kelley” (IFA/NYU, T. Crow)

Behan, Antonia, “‘The Brain of the Machine’: Ethel Mairet’s Textile Laboratory” (Bard Graduate Center, P. Stirton)

Bender, Stephanie, “Constructions of the Angestellte: Photographs of the Salaried Class in the Weimar Republic” (Florida State, A. Jolles)

Beresford, Amanda, “Art, Dance, and the Gentrification of the French Avant-garde after World War I: The Curious Career of Count Etienne de Beaumont” (Washington University, J. Klein)

Berkowitz, Elizabeth, “Bloomsbury’s Byzantium and the Writing of Modern Art” (CUNY, R. Long)

Berman, Daniella, “Aesthetics of Contingency: History and the Unfinished Paintings of the French Revolution” (IFA/NYU, T. Crow)

Berman, Jody, “Race, Humor, and Subversion in the Work of Four Artists” (Florida, R. Poynor; P. Ortiz)

Bianco, Christine, “Modern Art for Middle America: American Abstraction in Mass Magazines, 1946–1960” (Oxford Brookes, E. Darling)

Blanchet, Anne Sophie, “L’aura des œuvres à composantes éphémères dans un contexte muséal” (Université de Montréal, C. Bernier)

Boate, Rachel, “Biomorphic Abstraction in 1930s Paris” (IFA/NYU, R. Lubar)

Bonin, Christianna, “Expats, Exports, Exiles: Architecture and the Emerging Expert in Weimar Germany and the Soviet Union (1917–45)” (MIT, M. Jarzombek)

Boone, Emilie, “Visions of Harlem: Reconsidering the Studio Photography of James Van Der Zee” (Northwestern, K. Thompson)

Borgen, Maibritt, “Some of My Basic Assumptions: The Art of Öyvind Fahlström, 1952–1976” (Yale, D. Joselit)

Bouchard, Karine, “Revisiter le son au musée: une étude épistémologique de l’histoire des images” (Université de Montréal, C. Bernier)

Boyd, Alison, “Ensemble Modernism: Orchestrating Art and People at the Barnes Foundation” (Northwestern, C. Kiaer)

Bozer, Julia, “Traveler-Artists in the Old New World, 1968–1982” (IFA/NYU, R. Slifkin)

Brandon, Claire, “Spaces of Art in the Exhibition Age: A Source of Urban Transformation in Italy, 1970–2013” (IFA/NYU, A. Nagel)

Bratton, Lyndsay, “The Artěl Cooperative (1908–1934): Crafting Czech Modernity for the Nation” (Maryland, College Park, S. Mansbach)

Bravo, Monica, “Picturing Greater America: US Modernist Photographers and the Mexican Cultural Renaissance, 1920–45” (Brown, D. Nickel)

Breatore, Mattthew, “Tansula do Amanal and Emilia Di Carakcauti, 1922–1930: Brazilian Art and Identity” (IFA/NYU, E. Sullivan)

Brett, Ami, “Alvin Lustig, Los Angeles Designer” (IFA/NYU, T. Crow)

Brown, Jennifer, “Material Matters: Claes Oldenburg, Eva Hesse, and the Synthetic Textile Revolution, ca. 1956–1970” (IFA/NYU, L. Nochlin)

Bucilla, Drew, “Europe: Expanded Cinema, Projection and the Film Co-op in Western Europe, 1966–1979” (CUNY, D. Joselit)

Buhe, Elizabeth, “The Expansive Edge of 1960s Abstraction” (IFA/NYU, T. Crow)

Burton, Johanna, “The Content of Context: Appropriation in American Art of the 1980s” (Princeton, H. Foster)

Byrd, Antawan, “Interferences: Sound, Technology, and the Politics of Listening in Afro-Atlantic Art” (Northwestern, K. Thompson)

Calhoun, Robert, “Dynamism, Cosmic Creativeness, and Evolutionary Progress in the Work, Exhibition, and Teaching of Alexander Archipenko” (Ohio State, M. Mudrak)

Camp, Jennifer, “Stories in Pictures: The Woodcut Novels of Lynd Ward and Visual Narrative in Depression-Era America” (Virginia, C. Higginbotham)

Campbell, Andrianna, “Norman Lewis: Linearity, Pedagogy, and Activism in his Abstract Expressionism, 1946–1964” (CUNY, D. Joselit)

Campbell, Thomas, “Real to Reel: The Cassette Publication as Networked Space” (Columbia, B. Joseph)

Canac, Sandrine, “From Measured Volume to Indefinite Expansion: The Early Work of Robert Barry (1963–1975)” (Stony Brook University, A. Uroskie)

Caplan, Lindsay, “Open Works: Between the Programmed and the Free, Art in Italy from 1962 to 1972” (CUNY, R. Golan)

Capper, Emily Ruth, “Allan Kaprow’s Formalism: Pedagogy, Dialectics, and Intermediality in the Postwar University” (Chicago, C. Mehring)

Carletti, Sabrina, “The Work of Xul Solar: Modernity, Cosmopolitanism, and the Revision of Figuration” (Princeton, B. Doherty)

Carmack, Kara, “Marginal Centers: The New York Underground on Manhattan Public Access Television” (Texas, Austin, A. Reynolds)

Chamberlain, Colby, “George Maciunas and the Art of Paperwork” (Columbia, B. Joseph)

Chan, Yenna, “Narrating Montreal: Critiques of Urban Renewal in the 1970s through Exhibition and Documentary Film” (Bard Graduate Center, D. Jaffee)

Chaparro, Francisco, “Victimhood in Goya” (IFA/NYU, R. Slifkin)

Chapman, Roberta, “‘We’ll Always Have Paris’: Myths and Constructions of Paris in Chicago, Casablanca, and Buenos Aires (1880–1915)” (Penn State, N. Locke)

Choi, Connie, “A Matter of Building Bridges: Photography and African American Education across the Century” (Columbia, K. Jones)

Clifford, Benjamin, “Painting and Geometry Circa 1980, Mary Heilmann, Chuck Close, Allan McCollum” (IFA/NYU, R. Lubar)

Coe, Erin, “Cultural Icon Meets Cultural Landscape: Georgia O’Keeffe, Historiography, and Lake George” (Boston, P. Hills)

Cohen, Jennifer, “Surrealism and the Art of Consumption, 1924–1969” (Chicago, C. Mehring)
Cohen, Lucas, “Port of Flanders” (Columbia, R. Krauss)

Conaty, Kim, “Breaking Ground: Avalanche Magazine (1970–76), A New Medium for Art and Information” (IFA/NYU, R. Slifkin)

Cook, Heidi, “Picturing Peasants: Maksimilijan Vanka’s Folkloric Paintings and the ‘Croatian Question’ from Habsburg Empire to Croatian Nation-State” (Pittsburgh, B.McCloskey)

Corey, Laura Dickey, “The Inspiring Insider: Mary Cassatt and the Taste for Impressionism in America” (IFA/NYU, J. Brown; L. Nochlin)

Dagoglu, Özlem Gülin, “Mihri Rasim (1890–1954): L’Ambition d’une Jeune-Turque peintre” (Université de Montréal, T. Porterfield)

Dalton, Caitlin, “Imprinting Art and Ideology: Memory and Pedagogy in the Early German Democratic Republic” (Boston, G. Williams)

Damman, Catherine, “Unreliable Narrators: Laurie Anderson, Julia Heyward, and Jill Kroesen Perform the 1970s” (Columbia, B. Joseph)

De LaForcade, Sonia, “Convictions: The Slide Lecture in Brazilian Art and Education, 1968–78” (Princeton, I. Small)

DeGregorio, William, “Objectifying Dress: Collecting Historic Costume in the United States, 1920–1970” (Bard Graduate Center, C. Whalen)

Demeter, Michelle, “The Intersection of American Historical Imagination and Entertainment: A Technological and Cultural Exegesis of Walt Disney’s Attractions at the 1964–1965 New York World’s Fair” (Florida State, R. Neuman)

Derom, Edouard, “Group ZERO: New Interpretations” (IFA/NYU, T. Crow)

DiBenedetto, Erica, “Drawing from Architecture: The Conceptual Methods of Sol LeWitt's Art, 1965–1980” (Princeton, B. Doherty; H. Foster)

Dickens, Sarah, “Art of the Khmer Rouge: A History of the Visual Culture of Revolution & Genocide and its Legacies in Contemporary Cambodian Art” (Duke, K. Stiles)

Dootson, Kirsty, “Industrial Color: Chromatic Technologies in Britain (1856–1971)” (Yale, T. Barringer; K. Trumpener)

Dorofeeva, Maria, “Fantasizing National Manhood: Art, Sexual Politics, and the Rise of Queer Counterpublics in Spain, 1898–1939” (UIUC, O. Vazquez)

Dosch, Mya, “Creating 1968: Art, Architecture, and the Memory of the Mexican Student Movement” (CUNY, A. Indych-López)

Doyle, Allan, “An Exemplary Education: Pedagogic Models in Jean-Léon Gérôme” (Princeton, R. DeLue; Yale, C. Armstrong)

Eppley, Charles, “Un-Fixed Media: Site Specificity and Materiality in the Work of Max Neuhaus” (Stony Brook University, A. Uroskie)

Eschenburg, Madeline, “Migrating Subjects: Urbanization and the Body in Contemporary Chinese Art” (Pittsburgh, M. Gao; T. Smith)

Essif, Davenne, “La Mère Moderne: Motherhood in French Visual Culture, 1910–1940” (UNC Chapel Hill, D. Sherman)

Farzin, Media, “Theater, Artifice, and Opacity: Guy de Cointet and 1970s Performance” (CUNY, S. Wilson)

Favorite, Jennifer, “Museum Additions at US War Memorials and the Reinterpretation of National History” (CUNY, H. Senie)

Fiedorek, Kara, “Priests of the Sun: Photography and Religious Thoughts, 1840–1910” (IFA/NYU, R. Slifkin)

Field, Jennifer, “The New York School and the Evolution of Avant-Garde Printmaking in America” (IFA/NYU, J. Weiss)

Filipowska, Roksana, “Polymorphous Plasticity: 1965–1975 Artists’ Experiments in Plastic as Speculative Thought” (Pennsylvania, K. Silverman)

Firunts, Mashinka, “Staging Pedagogy: The Aesthetics and Politics of the Artist’s Lecture-Performance” (Pennsylvania, K. Silverman)

Fitch, Nicholas, “Technocratic Modernism: The Instituto Torcuato Di Tella and the Avant-Garde in Argentina, 1945–1973” (Columbia, B. Joseph)

Fitzmaurice, Melissa, “Modeling the Modern Myth of Rome” (Binghamton University, J. Walker)

Ford, Jacqueline, “Doing Things with [English] Words: Conceptual Art and Philosophy of Language” (Toronto, E. Legge)

Fox, Peter, “Kunstgewerbe als Erzieher: Bernhard Pankok and Others, 1895–1917” (Princeton, E. da Costa Meyer)

Freese, Lauren, “Taste in the City: Depictions of Food Consumption in Urban America, 1880–1920” (Iowa, J. Kinsey)

Friess, Jennifer, “Energizing Paris: Photography and Electric Light in the Interwar Period” (Kansas, J. Pultz)

Frobes-Cross, Nicholas, “Inadequate Descriptive Systems” (Columbia, B. Joseph)

Gaylord, Kristen, “‘Infiltrate the Masses’: Immaculate Heart College and Corita Kent in the 1960s” (IFA/NYU, T. Crow)

Gencer, Yasemin, “Reform, Secularism, and Nationalism in the Cartoons of the Early Republican Period in Turkey (1923–1928)” (Indiana, B. Rothstein)

Ginsberg, Mary Ann, “The Revolution Before the Revolution: The Art Bureau of Nadezhda Dobychina, 1912–1919” (Maryland, College Park, S. Mansbach)

Goldstein, Jason, “Three Monet’s: Artful Description in the Criticism and Literature of Gustave Geffroy, Octave Mirbeau, and Gustave Kahn” (Texas, Austin, R. Shiff)

Gollnick, Elizabeth, “Diffusion: Postwar Light Art in California” (Columbia, B. Joseph)

Green, Kate, “Encountering Vito Acconci: Performing Conceptual Art in New York, ca. 1970” (Texas, Austin, A. Reynolds)

Greenberg, Alyssa, “Arts Awareness at the Metropolitan Museum of Art: Art Museum Education as Artistic and Political Practice” (UIC, T. Quinn)

Gullette, Russell “Reconstructing Modernism: The Cultural Politics of French Abstraction” (UNC Chapel Hill, D. Sherman)

Hallman, Lee, “Staking Ground: The London Landscapes of Frank Auerbach and Leon Kossoff, 1950 to Present” (CUNY, E. Braun)

Hamelin, Candice, “Behind Immaterial and Material Divides: East German Photography, 1949–1989” (Michigan, M. Biro; G. Eley)

Han, Ji-Yoon, “Empreintes du désir: Photographie, surréalisme, et intermédialité dans l’entre-deux-guerres” (Université de Montréal, J. Lamoureux)

Hannah, Caroline, “Henry Varnum Poor, Crow House, Craft, and Design” (Bard Graduate Center, P. Kirkham)

Hartigan, Nicholas, “The Purpose of Public Sculpture: Artistic, Institutional, and Cultural Motivations from 1965–1995” (Michigan, A. Potts)

Hartnett, Gerald, “Recorded Objects and Couterauras: Art, Technical Reproducibility, Cybernetics, 1952–1962” (Stony Brook University, A. Uroskie)

Hatton, Brynn, “Via Vietnam: Critique and Collapse in Transnational Protest Art, 1965–75” (Northwestern, H. Feldman)

Healy, Charlotte, “Haptic Perception in Artistic Training and Two-Dimensional Art and Design, from Weimar Germany to Postwar America” (IFA/NYU, R. Lubar)

Henriksen, Niels, “Asger Jorn and the Classification of Disfiguration, 1948–1965” (Princeton, H. Foster)

Heuer, Megan, “A New Realism: Fernand Léger, 1918–1931” (Princeton, H. Foster)

Heung, Elsie, “Portraying Women’s Suffrage: Visual Arts and the Campaign for the Vote in the United States, 1900–1920” (CUNY, G. Levin)

Holaday, Jill M., “Grüppe Zero: From the Postwar Collective to the Postmodern Individual” (Iowa, C. Adcock)

Howard, Claire, “Surrealism and Post-World War II Culture, 1950–1966” (Texas, Austin, L. Henderson)

Hunt, Steve, “The Body of Sculpture: Anthony Caro’s Writing Pieces” (Ohio State, L. Florman)

Iqbal, Samina, “Modern Art of Pakistan: Lahore Art Circle, 1947–1957” (Virginia Commonwealth, D. Bangdel)

Isgro, Marina, “The Animate Object of Kinetic Art, 1955–68” (Pennsylvania, C. Poggi)

Isotani, Yusuke, “The Quest for Identity in French Photography: The History of Arts et Métiers Graphiques (1927–1939)” (CUNY, R. Golan

Jacobus-Parker, Frances, “The Art of Vija Celmins” (Princeton, H. Foster)

Jimerson, Lauren, “Defying Gender, Redefining the Nude: The Body in the Art of Suzanne Valadon, Émilie Charmy, and Marie Vassilieff” (Rutgers, S. Sidlauskas)

Johnson, Katharine, “On the Edge: Alberto Burri in Rome, 1946–1960” (Johns Hopkins, M. Fried)

Jones, Christopher Alan, “‘A Clock for Space’: Shaping Time through Return Photography, 1975–2010” (Florida, J. Tsai)

Kaplan, Lauren, “Crossing the Atlantic: Italians in Argentina, 1916–1946” (CUNY, E. Braun)

Kerrigan, Emily A., “Art off the Beaten Path: Developing American Modernism in New England’s Small Towns, Seaports, and Villages” (Iowa, J. Kinsey)

Ketcham, Christopher M., “Minimal Art and Body Politics in New York City, 1961–1975” (MIT, C. Jones)

Kirschner-Perlstein, Melanie, “Arthur G. Dove: Illustrations and Abstractions: 1903–1933” (Virginia, E. Turner)

Klemm, Hannah, “Systems Depictions: A.R. Penck and the East German Underground, 1955–1980” (Chicago, C. Mehring)

Kliger, Marina, “The Troubadour Style and Gendered Historical Consciousness” (IFA/NYU, T. Crow)

Kolodziej, Magdalena, “Empire at the Exhibition: The Imperial Art World of Modern Japan (1907–1937)” (Duke, G. Weisenfeld)

Korobkin, Rachel, “Art and Violence in the 1930s” (Yale, E. Cooke)

Kwon, Marci, “Veracular Modernism: Joseph Cornell and the ‘Authentic’ in American Art” (IFA/NYU, T. Crow)

Lachance-Provençal, François, “La peinture et l’ivresse: regards croisés sur les discours et les pratiques du modernisme pictural” (Université de Montréal, N. Dubreuil)

Lam, Kevin, “Figuring a New China: Figure Painting of the Lingnan School in Republican China, 1911–1949” (Northwestern, S. Fraser)

Larsen, Christian, “Aquarela do Brasil: Transnational Flows of Brazilian Design and Material Culture” (Bard Graduate Center, P. Kirkham)

Lauder, Adam, “Information Art in English Canada, 1921–1978” (Toronto, E. Legge)

Lazevnick, Ashley, “Precisionism in the Long 1920s” (Princeton, R. DeLue)

Leclère, Mary, “As Criticism: From ‘Cultural Criticism’ to ‘Art Criticism’” (Virginia, P. Barolsky)

Leiderman, Daniil, “Moscow Conceptualism and ‘Shimmering’: Authority, Anarchism, and Space” (Princeton, H. Foster)

Leonardo, Emily, “Interventions into the Geographic: Collective Practice and Performance in le Midi, 1962–71” (Stony Brook University, D. Mather)

Levenson, Abra, “Figures and Things: Charles Demuth, 1914–1935” (Princeton, R. DeLue)

Lima, Alvaro Luis, “Revolutionary (Dis)associations: Modern Art in Mozambique” (Columbia, Z. Strother)

Llorens, Natasha, “Imagining Violence, Imagining the Nation: Algerian National Cinema between 1965 and 1979” (Columbia, A. Alberro)

Lockard, Jesse, “A City Is Not A Picture: Yona Friedman, 1945–2015” (Chicago, K. Taylor)

Loiacono, Mark, “Shadow of a Doubt: Andy Warhol’s Abstract Series, 1977–1987” (IFA/NYU, T. Crow)

Lowery, Rebecca, “Contingent Bodies: Art in and around Los Angeles, 1969–75” (IFA/NYU, T. Crow)

Lowry, Alexis, “On the Road: Art Practice in the Era of the Interstate, 1956–76” (IFA/NYU, J. Weiss)

Luse, Emilie Anne-Yvonne, “Criticize and Punish: Disciplining Modernism in Interwar France” (Duke, M. Antliff)

Lyons, Samantha, “Synaesthetic Dress: Episodes of Sensational Objects in Performance Art, 1955–1975” (Kansas, D. Cateforis)

Macfarlane, Ellen, “Seeing Plus: Group f.64 Photography and the Political” (Princeton, A. McCauley)

Madura, Joe, “Revising Minimal Art in the AIDS Crisis, 1984–1998” (Emory, J. Meyer)

Magloughlin, Amara, “Art and the City: Walid Raad, Postwar Beirut, and the Question of Cosmopolitanism” (Columbia, A. Alberro)

Mandarino, Grant, “Seeing Class: Graphic Satire and the Cultivation of Radicalism in the Weimar Republic” (Michigan, M. Biro)

Mann, Jonathan, “Portrait of A[nother] Decade: David Alfaro Siqueiros, 1950–1960” (CUNY, K. Manthorne)

Marson, Jann, “Cut, Paste, Protest: The Art of Marcel Mariën and Its Effects on International Politics, 1937–70” (Toronto, A. Syme)

Masilela, Nomaduma, “Set Setal’s Imaginaire: Intervention in Public Space, Historiography, and Conceptualism” (Columbia, K. Jones)

Mastroianni, Megan, “An Aesthetic of Imagination: The Documentation of American Land and Conceptual Art in Germany, 1968–1975” (USC, M. Luke)

Mathwig, Alexandra, “Curating the Photographic Modern: John Szarkowski at the Museum of Modern Art, 1962–1991” (Brown, D. Nickel)

Matsumura, Kimiko, “Science/Fiction: Early Twentieth-Century Display in the American Museum of Natural History and Its Postwar Responses” (Rutgers, S. Sidauskas)

McCollum, Christina, “Exhibitions of Outsider Art since 1947” (CUNY, R. Golan)

McCutcheon, Erin, “Strategic Dispositions: Women, Art and Tradition in Mexico City, 1975–1990” (Tulane, T. Reese)

McGinnis Flanagan, Julie, “Remapping the Spaces for American Art: John Singer Sargent, Modernism and the Grand Central Art Galleries, 1922–1939” (Temple, G. Silk; T. Cooper)

McGuire, Mary, “Theological Avant-garde: The Arts Program at the Judson Memorial Church, 1958–1968” (UC Santa Barbara, L. Monahan)

McManus, William, “‘When We Made Movies Just to Make Them’: Warhol’s Films and the Surface of the 1960s” (Princeton, H. Foster)

Mericle, Robyn, “Silent Westerns: Before the Endless Miles of Wind and Sand and Sky” (UIC, H. Higgins)

Mickevicius, Emilia, “Dispassionate Landscapes: Style and Spectatorship in New Topographics, 1975” (Brown, D. Nickel)

Miller, Lindsay, “Building the Home Front: The Lanham Act and the Modernization of Housing in the United States” (IFA/NYU, J-L. Cohen)

Miller, Nicholas, “Primitivist Encounters? African American Paintings, Diasporic Objects, and the Making of Modern Art, 1927–1977” (Northwestern, H. Copeland)

Miller, Sequoia, “Come Together: Conceptual and Studio Craft in the 1960s and 1970s” (Yale, E. Cooke, Jr.)

Morandi, Maria Cristina, “The Representation of Space as a Metaphor in Soviet Hyperrealist Paintings from 1970–1980s” (Rutgers, J. Sharp)

Moure Cecchini, Laura, “Reimagining the Baroque in Italian Modernism: From the Fin-de-siècle to Fascism” (Duke, M. Antliff)

Murphy, John Paul, “Back to the Garden: Woodstock’s Visual Counterculture, 1902–1969” (Northwestern, S. Eisenman)

Myers, Allison, “French Conceptualism and the United States Art World, 1964–1986” (Texas, Austin, R. Shiff)

Nakagawa, Ikuyo, “Negotiating Boundaries: Nationalism and Internationalism in the Art of Tsuguharu Foujita” (CUNY, E. Braun)

Nelson-Dusek, Colin, “Antoine Bourdelle and the Reception of Classicism in Early-Twentieth-Century French Sculpture” (Delaware, N. Athanassoglou-Kallmyer)

Nesselrode, Sean, “Petro-Modernism: Art, Oil, and Industry in the Venezuelan Twentieth Century” (IFA/NYU, E. Sullivan)

Ninacs, Anne-Marie, “Projets pour un intérieur monumental: les arts visuels comme outils d’éveil de la conscience. Les cas de David Brown Milne, Agnes Martin et Geoffrey Farmer” (Université de Montréal, O. Asselin)

Nitsche-Krupp, Andrea, “Process and Perversions: The Early Work of Matthew Barney” (IFA/NYU, J. Weiss)

Nouril, Ksenia, “The Operative Object: Investigating the Historical Turn in Post-Soviet Art” (Rutgers, J. Sharp)

Nykolak, Jenevive, “Painting in Question, 1967–1981: ‘BMPT,’ Supports/Surfaces, ja-na-pa” (Rochester, D. Crimp)

O’Steen, Danielle, “Plastic Fantastic: American Sculpture in the Age of Synthetics” (Maryland, College Park, J. Shannon)

O'Hanlan, Sean T., “‘Quelle ma chambre au bout du voyage?’: André Breton’s Surrealist Collecting Practice, 1922–66” (Stanford, N. Troy)

Otto, Elisabeth, “Emily Carr et Gabriele Münter, deux histoires de désapprentissage: Art (Histories) of Unlearning” (Université de Montréal, J. Lamoureux)

Palmer, Daniel S., “The Integration of Art, Architecture, and Identity: Alfred Kasatner, Louis Kahn, and Ben Shahn at the Jersey Homesteads” (CUNY, K. Murphy)

Parker, Wendy A., “Bringing It All Home: Martha Rosler on Person, Place, and Thing” (Iowa, C. Adcock)

Parsons, Heather, “The Tableaux of Edward and Nancy Reddin Kienholz and the Spectacle of Photography” (Penn State, S. Rich)

Parsons, Jennifer Stettler, “John Sloan: Between Philadelphia and New York, 1892–1907” (Virginia, E. Turner)

Perers, Maria, “Inside the Ideal Home: Changing Values and Representations of Apartment Living in Sweden, ca. 1955–1970” (Bard Graduate Center, P. Kirkham)

Phillips, Daniel K., “Kazimir Malevich’s Russian Modernism” (Chicago, M. Jackson)

Pires, Leah, “Finesse: Louise Lawler in Collaboration, 1978–1993” (Columbia, A. Alberro; R. Deutsche)

Pistell, Gillian, “Ray Johnson: Artist as Archivist” (CUNY, M. Hadler)

Pobocha, Paulina, “Intents and Accidents: The Work of Gabriel Orozco” (IFA/NYU, R. Storr; R. Lubar)

Pocock, Antonia, “Sub-Pop from Claes Oldenburg to Jeff Koons” (IFA/NYU, T. Crow)

Polonyi, Eszter, “Writing as Apparition: Béla Balázs’s Media Theory” (Columbia, N. Elcott)

Poor, Kristin, “The Sculptural Prop and the Activation of the Object, 1960–1979” (Princeton, H. Foster)

Raffel, Amy, “Merchandise, Mass Media, and Accessibility: Keith Haring’s Pop Shop” (CUNY, S. Wilson)

Rahn, Amy, “Spheres of Influence: Joan Mitchell’s Work and Milieus, 1979–1992” (Stony Brook University, K. Siegel)

Ramsey, Rosemary, “Biases and Bridges: Reception of the Italian Avant-garde in the United States, 1949–1957” (CUNY, E. Braun)

Read, Heather, “Canonizing Modernism: The Sacred Art Movement and the Postwar Crisis of French Identity” (Washington University, J. Klein)

Reed, Alycia F., “Ready to Blow Your Mind: Andy Warhol’s Exploding Plastic Inevitable” (Iowa, C. Adcock)

Reed, Emily, “Alexander Calder, Collaborative Abstraction, and Public Art” (Virginia, E. Turner)

Rees, Anastasia, “Moscow as Construct and the Rhetoric of Modernism, 1918–1938” (Texas, Austin, R. Shiff)

Reineck, Ryan, “Our Decorative Scheme: Abstraction and Subversion in the Designs of the Omega Workshops, 1913–1919” (Princeton, H. Foster)

Reitz, Erin, “The Political Geographies of the Black Panthers: From Oakland to Outer Space, 1966–1982” (Northwestern, H. Feldman)

Rifelj, Claire, “Collage Culture: Art in California in the 1970s and ‘80s” (IFA/NYU, T. Crow)

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Listing of graduate students in the Woodruff School who have  defended a Ph.D. thesis or presented an M.S. thesis between 1997 and 2005.

[A] [B] [C] [D] [E] [F] [G] [H] [I] [J] [K] [L] [M] 245 [O] [P] [Q] [R] [S] [T] [U] [V] [W] [X] [Y] [Z]

Zubair Abbasi (M.S. Thesis Presentation, NRE 2006)
Fahd Abdelall (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Fahd Abdelall (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Mark R. Abel (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Matt Abercrombie (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Thomas M. Adams (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Akhil Agarwal (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME, 2006)
Mudasir Ahmad (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Muhammad K. Akbar (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Muhammad K. Akbar (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Hany A. M. Al-Ansary (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Jesse P. Aldridge (M.S. Thesis Presentation, HP)
Vahidin Alajbegovic (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Douglas K. Aleong (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
John Alexiou (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Adya A. Ali (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Matt S. Allen (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Laurent Nicolas Alteirac (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Eric Anderson (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Jonathan Anderson (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
William B. Anderson (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Ulf Andresen (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Peter Bryan Arestides (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Stephen A. Askins (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Kristinn Arnar Aspelund (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
J. R. Aspinwall (M.S. Thesis Defense, ME)
Alexander L. Atmadi (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Amarendra Atre (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Jason Aughenbaugh (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Jason Aughenbaugh (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME 2006)
Ryan A. Austin (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Pierre Aussaguel (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Ronan Autret (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Rodney D. Averett (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)

Jeff W. Badertscher (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Jeff W. Badertscher (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Douglas Bahr (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Reid Bailey (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Manas Bajaj (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Mauricio Ballesteros (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Julia Michelle Banks (M.S. Thesis Presentation, HP)
Melissa Bargmann (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Vincent Henri Barre (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Eric J. Barth (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Anneil Basnandan (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Julien Bassett (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Mehdi Batel (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Matthew David Bauer (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Yann Le Baut (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Grant A. Baynham (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Brad M. Beadle (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Aimee Beargie (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
David C. Beaulieu (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Antoine Béchet (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Ryan Bechtel (M.S. Thesis Presentation, NRE 2006)
Richard William Beck (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Sylvain Bedouet (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Valerie M. Belcher (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
David Bell (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Steve Benintendi (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Valerie P. Bennett (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Nikolaos Beratlis (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Charles F. Bergh (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Harris L. Bergman (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Jean-Baptiste Bergugnat (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Charles K. Berkowitz (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Ted Beyer (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Scott Billington (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Erika A. Ooten Biediger (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Sophie Biz (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Jemmy Sutanto Bintoro (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Jemmy Sutanto Bintoro (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Benjamin Black (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
David Blackburn (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Bryan Blair (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Roman Blancher (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Pat Blanchet (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Ann Marie Blasick (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Lalit K Bohra (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Scott N. Bondi (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Scott N. Bondi (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Paul Bosscher (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Paul Bosscher (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Paul Bosscher (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Frederic Bouyge (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Matt Boyd (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Patsy Brackin (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Linda Greer Braddon (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Jason Patrick Braden (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Donald Bradley (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME 2006)
Robert Braga (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Nathan Earl Brewton (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Laurent Brouqueyre (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Andrew M. Brown (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Daniel F. Brown Jr. (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Jason Britton Brown (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Jessica H. Brown (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Morgan Bruns (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Vatsal N. Bulsara (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Nathan Bunderson(Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, IBB)
Amanda Busch (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Stephen C. Busch (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Robert W. Bush (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Brad Butcher (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Jonathan T. Butcher (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Jonathan Talbot Butcher (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Lawrence Butkus (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
George C. Butler (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Sebastien Buzit (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)

Alessandro Caccialupi (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Laurent Capolungo (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Maria-Isabel Carnasciali (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Peter Carnell (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Kevin A. Carnevale (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Michael Joseph Carone (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Barton P Carter (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Amelia A. Case (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Cody Casey (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Matthew Joseph Casiano (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Thomas Cedorge (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Joseph T. Ceremuga II (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Jeesung Cha (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Matthew K. Chamberlain (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Matthew K. Chamberlain (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
David M. Chapin (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Vincent Chan (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Ashok Chandrasekhar (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Guillaume Charras (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Etan Solomon Chatlynne (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Clint Chedester (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Austin H. Chen (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Austin H. Chen (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Austin H. Chen (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Ji Chen (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, NRE)
Ruijun Chen (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Shelley Chen (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Wei Chen (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Wei Chen (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Wei Chen (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME, 2006)
Yong Chen (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Zhong Chen (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Scott Chesla (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Lisa G. Chiang (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, NRE)
Yougandh Chitre (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Hae-Jin Choi (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Hae-Jin Choi (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Hae-Jin Choi (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Arnab Choudhury (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Adam Christensen (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Peter J. Christiansen (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Matt Christopher (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Ittichote Chuckpaiwong (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Namik Ciblak (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Selçuk Cimtalay (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Mark Claffee (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
David A. Clark (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Francis C. Classe (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Andre Claudet (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
John D. Clayton (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Fabien Codron (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Derrick B. Coffin (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Tal Cohen (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Justin A. Collins (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
David Nicolas Common (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Brian S. Conklin (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Jill A. Conley (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Justin Anderson Conroy (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Daniel A. Cook (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Jason T. Cook (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Nathan Cook (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
David B. Copeland (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Brian P. Corbett (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Marie-Blanche Cornil (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Matthew Cornwell (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
R. Karen Corzine (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, NRE)
Stewart L. Coulter (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
William Arthur Counts (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Adam S. Coutee (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Adam S. Coutee (Ph.D. Defense Presentation, ME)
Rebeccah Jean Covert (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
F. Scott Cowan (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Richard S. Cowan (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Richard Watson Cowan (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Jennifer Marie Cox (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Jason Craft (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Elyssa Farah Crafton (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Joseph C. Crawford III (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Don Creyts (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Thomas M. Crittenden (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Marc Crudele (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
D. Kacy Cullen (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)

Wayne Daley (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Wayne Daley (Ph.D. Dissertation Presentation, ME)
David L. Damm (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Michael Frank Damweber (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Anh  Dang (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Brian S. Dater (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
William David Daughtrey (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Ian Davidson (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Brandon Witt Davis (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Brian E. Davis (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Jean E. Davis (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Staci A. Davis (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Ty G. Dawson (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
John DeBoer (M.S. Thesis Defense, ME)
Joseph P. De Kroon (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Marnico D. Deladisma (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Marnico D. Deladisma (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Andy Delano (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Andrew M. DeMaio (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Andres M. DeMaio (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Benjamin Dempsey (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Benjamin M. Dempsey (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Haiyan Deng (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Guilhem Denoziere (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Samuel Dessolin (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Vincent Dessoly, (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Todd Deterding (M.S. Thesis Presentation, HP)
Matthew D. Determan (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Jacob Diez (M.S. Thesis Presentatation, ME)
Chad M. Dillon (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Hai Ding (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Jian Ding (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Jian Ding (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Remi Dingreville (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
John Doane (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Elizabeth Douglas (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Mary Elizabeth Douglas (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Michael V. Drexel (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Scott Driscoll (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Winncy Y. Du (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Etienne Dufour (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME, 2006)
Cyril Dumont (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Alexis Dumortier (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Scott Duncan (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Scott Duncan (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Rajiv Carl Dunne (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Samuel Durbin (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Samuel Durbin (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Tracie L. Durbin (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Alexander Dutko (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Chad Duty (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Lee Van Duyn (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Mawuli Dzirasa (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)

Davoud A. Eghbali (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Jesse James Ehnert (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Prescott Eisele, (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Cornelius Ejimofor (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME 2006)
Nathainal Paul Ekberg (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Tarek N. Elkhatib (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Jeff Ellis (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Lisa M. Ellis (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Karen Ellzey (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Raynald F. Eloundou (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Tarek Elshazly (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Lance Christopher Elwell (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Jan Emblemsvåg (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Brian English (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Dathan S. Erdahl (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Dathan S. Erdahl (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Timothy C. Ernst (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Christy Lynn Etter (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
R. Scott Evans (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Dan E. Ezenekwe (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)

Tai-Hsi Fan (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Jeffrey A. Favorite (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, NE)
Luc Felden (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Alejandro Felix (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Brett J. Fennell (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Timothy P. Ferguson (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Timothy P. Ferguson (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Marco Gero Fernández (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Marco Gero Fernández (2004 Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Marco Gero Fernandez (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Jerome Fiechter (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
A. Terrell Finch (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Benjamin Findley (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Karl A. Fisher (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Conor Flannery (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Dawn C. Foley (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Benoit Forget (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Benoit Forget (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, NRE, 2006)
Kristine Marie Forsythe (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Emily Fort (M.S. Thesis Presentation, HP)
Vincent Fort (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Alicia E. Fortier (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Joel Fortgang (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Joel Fortgang (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
John Lyle Fouts (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Richard John Foust (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Mark Fowler (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Christopher Glenn Franck (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Joseph G. Frankel (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Zachary W. Friis (M.S. Thesis Presentation, NRE)
Ceji Fu (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Ceji Fu (Ph.D. Disseration Defense, ME)
Chia-Yu Fu (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Fabien Fuente (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Brian Thomas Fuhrman (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Pearl Haiyan Fung (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)

Vincent Galea (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Nathan D. Gallant (Ph.D. Proposal Presetation, ME)
Dalong Gao (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Dalong Gao (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Ramon Garcia (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Brian M. Gardner (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Harry Douglas Garner, Jr. (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Haining Geng (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Lynnane E. George (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Heather J. Gepford (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, NE/HP)
Jonathan Gerhard (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Donavon Gerty (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Brad David Geving (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Dominique Gex (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Camil-Daniel Ghiu (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Kalyanjit Ghosh (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Wyly Gilfoil (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Mark Gillespie (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Crystal Gilpin (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Hrishikesh P. Gogate (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Chung-Hyun Goh (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Sam Golbuff (M.S. Thesis Presenation, ME, 2006)
Christie Gooch (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Ali P. Gordon (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Ali P. Gordon (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Momoko Goto (M.S. Thesis Presentation, NRE/HP)
Aaron J. Graf (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Samuel Graham (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Carmen M. Greene (M.S. Thesis Presentation, NRE/MP)
Johney Green, Jr. (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Neale Jeff Griffis (M.S. Thesis Presentation, NRE/HP)
David Allen Griggs (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Karen Erica Grosser (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Douglas Lucas Grote, II (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Olivier Guerin (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Thibaut Guignard (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
François M. Guillot (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Ben Allen Gumpert (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Siva P. Gurrum (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Siva P. Gurrum (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)

Michael Haberman (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Joseph Michael Haemer (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Charles C. Hagadorn III (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Steven R. Hahn (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Neal A. Hall (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Neal A. Hall (2004 Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Richard William Hamm (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Matthew Hammond (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Sangil Han (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Carlton E. Hanna (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Jason Har (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Phillip Harp (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Susan R. Harp (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Brian D. Harper (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Richard Harries (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Ian S. Harrison (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Timothy James Hartigan (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Jeremy Harvey (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Paul E. Hausgen (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Mikhel E. Hawkins (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Daniel G. Hays (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Comas Haynes (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Shijiang He (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Shijiang He (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Tian He (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Sangil Han (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Xiaoling He (Ph.D. Thesis Presentation, ME)
William Healy (Ph.D. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Rogelio L. Hecker (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Shashikant G. Hegde (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Samuel N. Heffington (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Phillip J. Heil (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Russell Heinrich (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Raymond C. Heising (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Keith A. Hekman (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Daniel Martin Helmick (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Scott Herdic (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Amy Elizabeth Herrmann (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Gabriel Hernandez (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Shelby Highsmith (Ph..D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Stephen D. Hill (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Rob Hight (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Andrew Hobbs (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Edward A. Hoffman (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, NE)
Mark Holdhusen (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Mark H. Holdhusen (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Gaylon Hollis (2004 M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Thomas A. Holst (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Andrew Honohan (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
David Hopkinson (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Sandra N. Hopko (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Brian D. Horton (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Turner Howard (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Chien H. Hsiung (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Hsingching Hsu (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Ai-Ping Hu (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Yong Huang (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Nathanael Hudson (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, NRE, 2006)
Brent Hull (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
John Huey (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
John R. Huey (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
John Huey (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME 2006)
Bridget Anne Hurley (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Jose Francisco Hurtado (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Sarne M. Hutcherson (2004 M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Jesson D. Hutchinson (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)

Danut Ilas (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, NE/HP)
Germina Ilas (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, NRE)
Jean-Francois Ille (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Stacy M. Imler (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Stacy Marie Imler (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Akay Islek (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)

Robert L. Jackson (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Robert L. Jackson (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Juan-Carlos Jakaboski (M.S. Thesis Defense, ME)
Blake E. Jakaboski (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Ashley James (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Courtney D. James (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Desiree Jangha (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Sundiata Jangha (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Daniel Jean (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Ron D. Jeffcoat (M.S. Thesis Presentation, HP)
Mingxiao Jiang (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Mingxuan Jiang (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Cliff Johnson (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Clifford E. Johnson (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Janine Johnson (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Kevin Johnson (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Lindsay W. Johnson (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Ryan W. Johnson (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Ryan W. Johnson (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Wayne M. Johnson (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Janeen Ayana Jones (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Sophia Christine Acle Jones (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Tony L. Jones (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Jeffry Joni (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Jeff Jordan (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Gurvan Jouan (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)

Przemyslaw R. Kaczorowski (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Rick Halil (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Uma-Sankar D Kalyan-Seshu (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Suk Chae Kang (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Alok Kataria (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Andrew Keller (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Chaz Keller (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Steven E. Keller(Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, NRE)
Frederick A. Kelly (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, NRE)
Karen C. Kelley (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, NRE)
Michael Kenison (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Jonathan Edward Kennedy (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Debbie Kenney (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Brian Kern (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME 2006)
Murat Khamzin (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, NRE)
Bruno Shakou Khan (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Charoenchai Khompatraporn (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Vinh Khuu (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Tracy J. Kiellman (M.S. Thesis Presentation, HP)
Byungki Kim (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Byungki Kim (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Chunho Kim (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Hoyeon Kim (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Injoong Kim (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Sangkyung Kim (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Yu Shin Kim (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Janet Kinard (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Justin P. Kinney (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Eric Kirkland (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
James Kitchen (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Stephanie M. Kladakis (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Shawn Eric Klawunder (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Martin Klement (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Samuel Klooster (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Susan Knueven (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Patrick Koch (Ph.D. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Timothy Koehler (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Timothy Koehler (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Kyle Koeppen (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Michael Kohl (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Matthew Kontz (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Matthew Kontz (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Donald Koo (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
John T. Koontz (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Chad Steven Korach (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Lale Korkmaz (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Peter Kottke (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Peter Kottke (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Kris Kozak (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Charlotte Kotas (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Ryan Krauss (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME 2006)
Kiran. S. Krishnapur (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Kristian W. Krueger (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Adam Michael Kuhl (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Krishnakumar Kulankara (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Rahul Suresh Kulkarni (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Rakesh S. Kulkarni (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Rajesh S. Kumar (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Surajit Kumar (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Martin S. Kurnadi (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Abhijit Kushari (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)

Thomas E. Lacy, Jr. (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Travis S. Laker (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Chao-Chieh Lan (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Olivier Langeard (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Rubén W. Lanz-Herrera (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Jason Lawrence (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Jason W. Lawrence (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Jason Lawrence (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME 2006)
Olivier Lauque (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Theodoros Lamprou Lazarakis (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Matt Lebeck (M.S. Thesis Presenation, ME)
Hyunjin Lee (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Hyunjin Lee (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME 2006)
Jae-Yeon Lee (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Kang Joon (KJ) Lee, (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Young Joon Lee (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Patricia Lee (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, NE)
Jason LeMasters (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Jack D. Lemmon, Jr. (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Toby R. Lentz (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Anne-Marie Albanese Lerner (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Joseph A. Levert (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Bo Li (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Ping Li (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Haifeng Li (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Kuan-Ming Li (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Kuan-Ming Li (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Qiang Li (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Qingchun Li (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Shuo Li (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Shuo Li (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Yawei Li (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Zongbao Li (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Wuwei Liang (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Wuwei Liang (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME 2006)
Bradley W. Libbey (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Tim Lieuwen (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Wichit Liewkongsataporn (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Wichit Liewkongsataporn (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME 2006)
Beth Lilly (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
T. Jesse Lim (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Ameya Shankar Limaye (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Tara Reeves Lindsay (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Angela Lin (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Shawn H. F. Lin (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Yao Lin (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Yao Lin (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Jay Ling (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Kai Liu (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Sheng Liu (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Tieqi Liu (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Tieqi Liu (2004 Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Timothy Lloyd (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
George C. Lo (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Daniel Lockhart (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Thomas M. Logan (Ph.D. Thesis Proposal, ME)
Mateo Londoño (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
David Michael Longanbach (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Jeffrey Cameron Loper (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Yves Daniel Loretz (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Ryan A. Lorio (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Neil Lovrich (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Yee Weng Low (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Davidson Glenn Lucas (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Davidson Glenn Lucas (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Rajesh Luharuka (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Charity Michele Lynn (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)

Lunyu Ma (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Zhiwen Ma (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Robert MacMeccan (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Sakethraman Mahalingam (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Sakethraman Mahalingam (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Richard J. Malak Jr. (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Aurélien Malbec (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Shannon Gail Malcolm (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
John Malluck (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Virginia Maniquis (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Benigno Maqueira (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Courtney Marrett (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Bryan Marshall (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Heather K. Marshall (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Matthew C. Marston (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Samuel R. Martin (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Russell Marzette (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Michael Mashner (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Nathan D. Masters (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Nathan Masters (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME 2006)
Lisa D. Mauck (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Jason Mayeur (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Scott D. McDermott (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Kevin S. McFall (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Andrew W. McFarland (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Andrew W. McFarland (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Robert McGinty (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Lawrence P. McGovern (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Casey McIntosh (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Mark William McIntosh (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Michael Scott McKinley (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, NRE)
Marc M. McLean (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Jeffrey J. McLean (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Jeffrey J. McLean (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Justin James McLoughlin (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
John Marcus Meacham (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
John Meacham (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME 2006)
Lorne Edward Meade (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Laine Mears (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Michael Mears (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Michael K. Medaska (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Mohamed Mehdi (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Ryan Melcher (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Jacqueline Menchaca (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Wondwosen Mengesha (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, NRE)
Maxime Le Menestrel (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Anthony Meehan (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Hernán Mercado-Corujo(M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Bao Mi (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Jian Mi (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Jian Mi (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Stylianos Michaelides (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Michael Michaux (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Michael Michaux (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Sylvain F. Milet (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Brad A. Miller (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Doug Miller (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Joel Christopher Miller (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Matthew S. Miller (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
David W. Milner (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Karel Minnaar (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Angela Minichiello (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Omar R. Mireles (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Biswajit Mitra (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Biswajit Mitra (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Gregory Mocko (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Mitul Modi (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Christopher W. Moloney (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
David Sangchaul Moon (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Andrew Clay Moore (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Casey B. Moore (M.S. Thesis Presentation, NRE)
Chad Andrew Moore (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Matthew Moorman (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Brian J. Morabito (M.S. Thesis Presentation, HP)
Damien Moreau (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Nathaniel R. Morgan (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Jennifer A. Morrisette (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Ryan J. Morrissey (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Scott Mosher (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, NE)
Scott Mosher (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, NRE)
Alexandre Moulart (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Greg Mumpower (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Jennifer Muncy (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Saghir Munir (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
R. Sean Murphy (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Bryon Michael Murray (M.S. Thesis Presentation, NRE)
Matthew J. Murray (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Gregorio R. Murtagian (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Gregorio R. Murtagian (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)

Peter T. Nagy (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Rajendra Narain (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, NE)
Taryn Lea Narrow (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Brent Nelson (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
George Nelson (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Luis Nelson (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Glynn Newby (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Patrick James Newcomb (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Jordan Neysmith (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Chee Keong Ng (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Sum Huan Ng (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Sum Huan Ng (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Austina Nguyen (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Phillip Nguyen (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Eleodor M. Nichita (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, NE)
James F. Nichols (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
James F. Nichols (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Adam Nielson (M.S. Thesis Presentation, HP)
Hong-seok "Moses" Noh (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Hongseok "Moses" Noh (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Diane Norris (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, NE)
Vladimir Novak (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Vladimir Novak (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)

William S. Oates (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
William S. Oates (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Klaus Obergfell (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense)
Richard Oberer (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, NRE)
Seong Joon Ok (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Nurudeen Olayiwola (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Miodrag Oljaca (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Patrick Opdenbosch (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Erika A. Ooten (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Diego Fernando Osorio (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Andres Osorno (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Daniel Osorno (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Xavier Ottemer (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Tanya Oxenberg (M.S. Thesis Presentation, HP)

Prema Palaniappan (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Anne E. Palmer (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Ashley W. Palmer (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Jitesh H. Panchal (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Jitesh H. Panchal (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Jitesh H. Panchal (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
John A. Pape (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Hyeong-Kae Park (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Jae-hyoung Park (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Ji Eun Park (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Jong-Suh Park (Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, ME)
Jong-Suh Park (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Young-Bin Park (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, ME)
Nathan W. Pascarella (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Christopher C. Pascual (Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, NE)
Fabien Christian Pastour (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Nitin R Patel (2004 M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)
Olivier Pauly (M.S. Thesis Presentation, ME)