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Mentor Texts For Persuasive Essays

Using mentor text to teach opinion writing is the best! See below for my favorites!

Disclaimer: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. You don’t have to purchase them through my links, but if you do, it’s much appreciated! 

We begin writing opinion pieces in class next week, and I’m pumped! This is by far my favorite writing unit of the year.

I teach grades 4-6, so this is the point of the year where I really have to change gears between grades 4-5 and 6. In grades 4-5, we teach opinion writing. In opinion writing, students choose one opinion, and write about that opinion using facts, definitions, and details to support it. In sixth grade, students start writing argumentative essays. In argumentative writing, students support their claim and address opposing claims as well.

Without further ado, here are my 10 favorite books to use while teaching about forming opinions during opinion writing:

1. Groundhog Gets a Say

2. Mr. Maxwell’s Mouse

3. A Fine, Fine School

4. Dear Katie, The Volcano Is a Girl

5. Red is Best

6. Animals Nobody Loves
7. Sophie Hartley On Strike
 8. Not Norman: A Goldfish Story

9. The Great Kapok Tree
10. The Best Town in the World
#11 – BONUS! I just have to add this one that I found recently:

Easy Prep Writing Resources

Меган сказала, что, если тереть глаза, будет только хуже. Он даже представить себе не может, насколько хуже. Не в силах сдержать нетерпение, Беккер попытался позвонить снова, но по-прежнему безрезультатно.