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Landform Regions Of Canada Assignment Notebook

A Camping Road Trip Anywhere in Canada

This is a Social Studies 10 term project focusing on the geography component of the course.  The project is designed to give the students a personal perspective of Canada through the practical application of this project.


The trip must have a major theme.  For example, golf trip, ski trip, visit all national parks, fishing, sightseeing, etc...  Explain why you chose the theme and what you expect to gain from the trip.


  • The trip has to be over 1000 km in length and without any long stretches of backtracking
  • Detailed maps of your route with labels, a key, and a title will be submitted
  • List all provinces, towns, and cities you will pass through and indicate them on the maps
  • Give a full description of 10 towns/cities which you will pass through and state the population, and the two major industries of each town
  • List all historical sites (minimum 5 sites) that you will pass through;  this includes national parks, famous landforms, etc...explain the importance of each site.
  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  • List and describe all provincial and private campsites you will be staying at;  for example -- location, number of sites, showers, price, etc.
  • State the climate of the regions you will be travelling through
  • Give the longitude and latitude of your final destination:  use Google Earth (select from Programs) and select View / Grid
  • List the landform regions that you will travel through and give a brief description of each

Consider keeping track of your journey using the CAA Travel Planner or Google Maps

  • The project must be displayed on poster board with maps and pictures of the areas you will visit
  • There must be a written paper describing the major theme of the trip;  why do you want to go to the places you have chosen?  Describe what you expect to see.
  • Also included in the written description of the cities:  the population;  the top two industries & why the city came to be
  • Historical and physical landform sites must be identified on the map as well as in the paper
  • State why the sites are historical and why the landforms are unique

  1. Presentation / Creativity ( / 25)
  2. Written Description ( / 30)
  3. Maps ( / 30)
  4. Theme ( / 15)
  5. Total ( / 100)


Canada Close Up
Topics Include: natural resources, weather, government, animals and natural wonders.


Canadian Geographic Regions
Topics Include: The Appalachian, The Interior Plains, The Canadian Shield, The St. Lawrence Lowlands, The North, and The Great Lakes.

For more titles or to see what's available at your location, please search the catalogue or ask your school's Learning Commons staff.

Search words for the catalogue:
Canada + geography/ politics and government/ environment/ industries/ natural resources/ landforms/ vegetation/ climate/ forestry/ fishing/ mining/ logging/ shipping/ agriculture/ tourism/ population/ provinces/ territories/ municipalities/ First Nations + reserves/ capital cities; maps; map reading; cardinal directions.​