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Music Is My Life Essay

It connects. It’s a global phenomenon. It’s music. There is music in every culture, in every nation and it’s a part of people’s daily lives. Throughout history it has been something which has brought joy to people in hard times.

That is what it means to me. Music is a cure for when I’m down, and a joy for my happiest days. It’s part of my life and can express my feelings when my own words are not enough. There’s a song to every feeling I feel and I’ve yet to find them all.

I listen to versatile music but sometimes, I have seasons when I listen to just one particular band or artist. I love Rhythm and Blues, Rap and Pop. My all time favorite is Akon, because I love his voice and his beat cheers me up. When it comes to lyrics, I think for example Sheryl Crow, as she has some touching and down-to-earth songs.

One important thing about music is that it connects people. I have found awesome friends thanks to music. I joined a music website where I found many great friends. There we can share our thoughts about music and life.

Music helps me to relax. Certain songs bring memories which either make me cry or happy. Music inspires me and it can sometimes describe my feelings better than I could ever do with words. I love music. This last part was written while I was listening to ‘It’s Not Over’ by Daughtry.

Written by HmusicK

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Music in My Life Essay

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Music, it's a part of everyone's life. From childhood sing-a-long songs, to garage grunge music, and everything in between music is everywhere. Growing up with an extremely musical background it was in my genes that I would become a musician. Playing music has helped me become the person I am by being a release for my anger, broadening my future and make new friends.. I first joined the band in the fourth grade playing the drums. I played for about two weeks then I quit because I didn't like it, mostly because of the teacher. In the sixth grade we got a new music teacher and told me I look like a trumpet player, so I gave it a try. I was taking music lessons but after the first one my music teacher told me she had to leave because she…show more content…

When I get into fights with my step dad which to this day is still a problem instead of resorting to violence I would go and blare by favorite song at the time over and over again. Also after having a hard time in high school being wrongfully suspended twice instead of dropping out or giving up I had my bass to return home to home to sit for hours and write songs, hundreds of songs. The songs would relate to my feelings. Some songs would be hard full of hate and anger but some songs were mellow with sad heart filled lyrics. If it weren't for these songs to write I you would not be sitting here reading my paper. The girls in high school were also a reason for writing songs and playing trumpet. In all of my high school all my relationships I was cheated on. This caused for harsh break ups, uncalled for arguments, and an untrusting Nick Henry. High school years where trying times and if it wasn't for my music things would not have turned out they way they have. Music equals life, or the saying goes. I feel if I had dropped out of band I would have missed out on a great experience. The ability to play music is something that will live on in you for the rest of your life. Unlike playing a sport you can't ever get worn out or injured and lose the talent. All through school I played sports from baseball to soccer, sure it was fun but it was never my calling, but just being able to play music for a live audience is a feeling that is so amazing there are not enough

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