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Mb0046 Solved Assignment Set 1


Master of Business Administration- Semester 2

MB 004/MB5F 201


(4 credits)

(Book ID: B1628)


Marks 60Note: Each Question carries 10 marks. Answer all the questions.

Q1. What are the goals of financial management?(10 Marks) (350-400 words)Q2. Calculate the PV of an annuity of Rs. 500 received annually for four years whendiscounting factor is 10%.(10 Marks) (350-400 words)

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Q3. Suraj Metals are expected to declare a dividend of Rs. 5 per share and the growth ratein dividends is expected to grow @ 10% p.a. The price of one share is currently at Rs. 110in the market. What is the cost of equity capital to the company?(10 Marks) (350-400 words)Q4. What are the assumptions of MM approach?(10 Marks) (350-400 words)Q5. An investment will have an initial outlay of Rs 100,000. It is expected to generate cashinflows. Table 1.2 highlights the cash inflow for four years. (Spring 2013)

Table1.2: CashinflowYearCashinflow

1 400002 500003 15000


Master of Business Administration- MBA Semester 1MB0040

Statistics for Management - 4 Credits(Book ID: B1731)Assignment Set - 1 (60 Marks)Note: Assignment Set -1 must be written within 6-8 pages. Answer all questions.Q1.a. Explain the characteristics of Statistics.b. What are the components of Statistics? Give a brief description of each of thecomponents.

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Q2.Explain the objectives of Statistical Average. What are the requisites of a good average?Q3.a. Mention the Characteristics of Chi-square test.b. Two research workers classified some people in income groups on the basis of samplingstudies. Their results are as follow:

Show that the sampling technique of atleast one research worker isdefective

Q4.What do you mean by cost of living index? Discuss the methods of construction of cost of living index with an example for each.